May 262015

Congratulations to all our 2014/15 grant recipients!

Fall 2014/15 Grants Awarded ($11,472.46 awarded)

  • A Little Recycling Goes a Long Way
    Recipient: Aaron Botsford
    Building: CPES
    Amount Awarded: $993.96
  • S.T.Y.L.E.
    Recipient: Kurt Benjamin and Randi Ciadella
    Building: PHS
    Amount Awarded: $1046.50
  • Photography Backdrops: Promoting Pike
    Recipient: Myron Cochran
    Building: PHS
    Amount Awarded: $569.70
  • GCMS Pre-AP Learning Studio
    Recipient: Valerie Dennis
    Building: GCMS
    Amount Awarded: $1,985.67
  • Old MacDonald had a Farm… and a Restaurant… and a Garden
    Recipient: Peggy Owens
    Building: SCES
    Amount Awarded: $1,916.00
  • I Get to Sit Where?
    Recipient: Martie Hoofer
    Building: GCMS
    Amount Awarded: $971.63
  • A Book for Your Shelf
    Recipient: Kelly Looper
    Building: GCMS
    Amount Awarded: $2,000.00
  • Outdoor Lab Enhancements
    Recipient: John Simmons
    Building: PHS
    Amount Awarded: $1,989.00

Spring 2014/15 Grants Awarded ($7,968.84 awarded)

  • Enhancing Reading
    Recipient: Tonia Thompson & Krista Clanin
    Building: PHS
    Amount Awarded: $1,000.00
  • Measuring Up to STEM
    Recipient: Debbie Huffine
    Building: GCMS
    Amount Awarded: $992.53
  • Butterfly Garden Inquiry Project
    Recipient: Peggy Owens
    Building: SCES
    Amount Awarded: $900.00
  • Drum Fit
    Recipient: Lori Kellum and Regina Nowak
    Building: GCES and SCES
    Amount Awarded: $1,999.00
  • The Lion King Jr.
    Recipient: Amy Dorn
    Building: GCMS
    Amount Awarded: $2,000.00
  • PHS Community Work Experience Uniforms
    Recipient: Joanna Miller
    Building: PHS
    Amount Awarded: $777.31
  • Bilingual Literacy and Cultural Connectedness
    Recipient: Mary Nolan
    Building: DRES
    Amount Awarded: $300.00
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