May 032018

Congratulations to all of our Spring 2018 Grant recipients:

Brian Grismore – PHS – $556.97 for flexible seating options for PHS students.

Karin Stratton, Ali Renalto, and Mary Sims – PHS – $500.00 to take PHS students to see “Hamilton” in Chicago.

Christina Owens – ECES – $700.00 for classroom novel sets.

Julie Daly and Joanna Miller – PHS – $790.00 for a Google Home and community based instruction trips.

Staycie Lievens, Currie Gibson, and Sara Rogers – NAPA – South – $2,000.00 to stage a “Kindy 500”

Chad Heck – PHS – $800.00 to purchase books for a student led book club.

Peggy Owens – SCES – $1,560.00 for robotics kits to start an in-school robotics club.

Curtis Wright – NAPA – North – $1,000.00 to purchase banners to inspire New Augusta North students to excellence.

Katherine Essig – GCMS – $1,500.00 to take 7th graders to an Indianapolis Indians game.

Gabriella Villimil – FCPA – $880.00 for flexible seating options for first graders.

Laura Kruse-Phillips – $2,306.00 for assessment kits for speech language testing.

Lena Darnay – $300 for snacks for teacher technology training.

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Oct 022017

Congratulations to the following teachers who were awarded PTEF classroom grants in 2017

Erin Neumann – $1,898.69 for “This Is My Voice, Hear Me Speak” which will provide iPads to assist with communication in the developmental preschool at Snack Crossing Elementary.

Deborah Calhoun – $497.06 for “STEM Stations” which will provide games and supplies to create quiet stations around the room for students to utilize when they are done with their work at PHS.

Audrey Cope – $870.00 for “Rolling into STEM at Central” which will provide games and supplies to create a cart with STEM activities at Central Elementary.

Mary Nolan – $400.00 for “Pictures are Worth” to purchase graphic novels for English Language Learners at Deer Run Elementary.

Kevin Self – $1,200 for “Let’s Build Some STEAM” to provide Chrome Books and engineering software at PHS.

Lena Darnay – $2,000 for “Innovation Station in the Main Campus Library” to purchase flexible collaboration furniture for a Tinker Station at PHS.

Christina Mitchell – $1,955.20 for “Native Butterfly Plants Reading Garden” to purchase the materials to build a butterfly garden in the outdoor lab at PHS.

Debbie Huffine – $2,000.00 for “Snapping Together Success” to purchase VEX Robotics supplies for a summer camp at Guion Creek Middle

Stacie Dalton and Richard Wells – $2,000 for “Deer Run Needs Shade” to buy materials to construct shade sails for the Deer Run Elementary playground.

Christina Mitchell – $980.00 for “Growing the Pike Environment” to purchase native trees for the outdoor lab at PHS for Earth Day.

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Mar 202016

The following teachers were awarded grants this spring. Congratulations to:

Deanna Allen – Lincoln Middle School. $956.00 for “Increasing Student Literacy Rates Using Flipped Classroom Model Approach” – technology for her classroom to utilize the Flipped Classroom Model.

Christina Mitchell – Pike High School. $2,000.00 for “Bring the Lorax to the Outdoor Lab” for supplies for the outdoor lab at PHS.

Brandon Kepley – New Augusta North Middle School. $1,500.00 for “NAPA North Going Green” for a green screen for the morning newscast.

Aaron Botsford and Mary Nguyen – College Park Elementary. $440.00 for “The One and Only Ivan Goes Wild” for funds to take the first grade to the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in conjunction with the book “The One and Only Ivan”.

Stacy Schurtz – New Augusta North Middle School. $959.88 for “Building STEM Students Through Building Robots” for more parts for her robotics club.

Gabrielle Ingram – Guion Creek Middle School. $2,000 for “Gizmos Science Solutions” for subscriptions to online science programs.

Norman Foote – Eagle Creek Elementary. $308.91 for “Turn Up Your Radio” for more radios to increase student safety.

Peggy Owens – Snacks Crossing Elementary. $750.00 for “Treasures for our Little Gems” to pay for all Snacks Crossing teachers to register to shop at Teachers’ Treasures.

Kelly Miller and Breck Mosley at Central Elementary. $2,000.00 for “Connecting While Communicating” to purchase communication technology for their Lifeskills classroom.

Ella Hereth at Guion Creek Middle School. $411.64 for “Increase Learning for Students who Struggle to Stay Still” to purchase furniture for her classroom.

Mari Swayne at Pike High School. $2,500.00 for “Preparing Students for Tomorrow’s High Demand, High Wage Jobs” to help offset the cost of classes in the Career Center.

Pamela Breedlove at New Augusta South Elementary. $219.07 for “Junior Entomologist” to purchase bugs for her classroom to study.

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May 262015

Congratulations to all our 2014/15 grant recipients! Fall 2014/15 Grants Awarded ($11,472.46 awarded) A Little Recycling Goes a Long Way Recipient: Aaron Botsford Building: CPES Amount Awarded: $993.96 S.T.Y.L.E. Recipient: Kurt Benjamin and Randi Ciadella Building: PHS Amount Awarded: $1046.50 Photography Backdrops: Promoting Pike Recipient: Myron Cochran Building: PHS Amount Awarded: $569.70 GCMS Pre-AP Learning […]

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Mar 232014

Congratulations to all our 2013/14 grant recipients!

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