Applying for Grants

Who May Apply

Any Pike Township teacher, group of teachers, administrator, school personnel, student or student group, or parent group may apply for PTEF grants.

Grant Categories

  1. Class Grants: Individuals or classroom projects with budget requests of up to $1000. The project should fill a class or teacher need for which no other source of funding is available.
  2. School Grants: Department, grade level, or school projects with budget requests of up to $2,000. Applicants are encouraged to submit ideas for projects that affect all students within a department, grade, or school.
  3. Multi-School/District Grants: Projects with budget requests of up to $3,000 that will benefit multiple schools or the entire school district. In addition to other guidelines, applicant must illustrate a cooperative planning effort involving a significant part of the school system and describe how the project involves students, teachers, and the community at the township-wide level. The applicant should inform the Foundation Executive Director of his/her intent to submit a District Grant application in advance of submitting to assure proper authorization of the application.


Application Information

Educators can receive feedback on grant ideas before submitting a final application. If you would like some feedback on your grant idea of help in applying for a grant, please fill out the Grant Feedback Request form.

The foundation’s Grants Committee reviews each grant application it receives. The committee may request additional information from the applicant, school administrators, or curriculum coordinators. Applications chosen for funding by the committee are then recommended to the Board of Directors for acceptance. Depending on the time of year, the number of grant requests submitted, and the complexity of the applications, the review process will take from 30 to 90 days.

The Grants Committee uses a combination of objective and subjective criteria when evaluating grant requests. Requests that clearly meet more criteria will generally be viewed more favorably during evaluation. In some instances, the foundation will not be able to fund all requests due to budgetary constraints. This does not mean that a rejected request is inappropriate or unsatisfactory. The reason a grant request is not funded will be provided to the applicant, and they may be encouraged to resubmit the grant request in the next funding cycle.

In general, higher value will be placed on the following criteria:

  • Programs that showcase innovation, creativity and educational value.
  • Programs that enrich student experience and promote student involvement to enhance achievement.
  • Those applications that clearly and concisely describe the project and anticipate positive benefits for students in the form of achievement, motivation and character development will be favored during the evaluation process.
  • Grant requests that include all the requested information and that are co-funded by other sources vitally interested in the success of the project will also be viewed more favorably.

The following requests will not be considered for funding:

  • Teacher stipends.
  • Teacher travel expenses.
  • Substitute teacher pay.

Additional Information

  • Any equipment or durable items purchased with PTEF grant funds become the permanent property of the Pike Township School District and stay at the school to which the grant was awarded.
  • Grant funds must be used within two semesters of being granted. Use of funds beyond this period requires approval of the PTEF Board.
  • Grants with a technology component will require the review and signature of the district’s technology specialist.

Grant Cycle

By filling out the grant application below, we will assume that you are applying for the current grant cycle unless you indicate a later grant cycle in the “Notes” area near the bottom.

Grant Application Form

  • All fields are required unless otherwise noted. If you need additional space or need to send additional information, you may upload a file (Microsoft Word DOC, Adobe PDF, text, JPEG, GIF, or PNG format) using the file upload near the bottom.
  • Provide a brief summary of your project in one paragraph, including what will change as a result of your grant.
  • In what ways will your project have a significant impact on students?
  • What educational/curricular objectives or state standards will your project achieve?
  • Max. file size: 1 GB.
    Your Grant Request must include a detailed budget. The budget should include a breakdown of expenditures including categories such as equipment, materials, supplies, etc. The price of any equipment or materials to be purchased should be supported by reference to a vendor's price list. This section should also include an accounting of additional funding available for this project in addition to the grant funds requested. Projects requesting teacher stipends, student scholarships, transportation or payment for substitute teachers will not be considered for funding. Please also let us know in this portion if you would accept partial funding.
  • Stories and pictures about your project in the school newsletter, local media, and notes home to parents should include a specific mention that your event was made possible by a grant from the PTEF, Send the same stories and pictures to to post on the PTEF Facebook page. At your Back-to-School/Parent Night, mention the grant and the support of the PTEF and how parents can help with a donation, With your final report, OR as soon as you can, submit JPEG pictures (as attachments) to use in the PTEF Annual Report and on our website.
  • Max. file size: 1 GB.
    Fill in all required fields, enter the code at right, and click the "Send" button.